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The #1 Instagram Marketing Agency

We provide businesses, brands, public figures, and influencers

with a unique solution to increase engagement on Instagram.


By creating targeting strategies unique to each account, we're able to maximize the growth of followers and post engagement such as likes, comments and direct messages with the end goal to turn that

traffic and engagement into website visitors, leads, and of course

potential clients and customers.


Drive traffic and sales to your business through Instagram.

Our team is dedicated to helping you increase and maximize your Instagram presence, organically, genuinely and legitimately through tried and proven marketing techniques and campaign strategies. We're proud to be the only marketing agency that dedicates its full time, potential, and passion of marketing to helping clients build their businesses and brands on Instagram. Our marketing algorithms are second to none, and guaranteed to provide results in any industry. Each client is assigned a campaign manager who will understand your business model, your goals, and explain how we can work together to achieve the best results moving forward. Sign up HERE to get started!

We're a top leading marketing agency pioneering Instagram marketing since 2013.

We provide a unique, SEO-style service to organically grow your Instagram account with real, targeted followers, in your target market. We've built our business around customers and clients just like you who need help skyrocketing their accounts on the social media giant. We work with a variety of different clients, including large and small businesses, photographers, real estate agents, restaurants, bloggers, niche accounts, public figures, professionals, and even personal accounts, just to name a few. We also work directly with some of the top marketing and advertising agencies in the country. Although we can't name them, there's a good chance you've seen us at work. Our path to success has been amazing, and our growth of happy clients has been impeccable. We love to work with our clients, do research in different areas, and most of all, see your account GROW. With Instagram being the top performing social media outlet today, we have great pride and love in what we do, and we truly are great at doing it.

Why Choose Us?

Who Are We?

The answer is easy   -   RESULTS. GUARANTEED. PERIOD.

When you choose IG Exposure to handle your Instagram marketing campaign, you will see for yourself that our marketing strategies really work. Each client is assigned to one of our team professionals who will be working with you one-on-one throughout your marketing campaign and for the life of your accounts relationship with us. We'll do the proper research and analysis needed to understand your side of your industry, as well as plan on how we'll meet your needs and goals. Each account is unique, and should be treated as such. You'll never worry about "blanket" campaigns that are being used for other clients, and everything is always transparent. Our service is also affordable from a marketing and advertising standpoint, and you can also rest assure that it's discreet.

It's the top performing visual social media outlet, and it's here to stay.

We believe that Instagram is the best social media platform for any type of exposure. The fact that its simple, and easy to use adds a lot to that as well. You can promote anything on Instagram with a simple picture and caption, and easily gain tons of attention by utilizing our service.


Instagram has a broad range of users, which gives us unlimited access to different demographics, which we can in turn cater to each unique marketing campaign. Instagram has grown to over 1 billion (yes, with a B) active users as of June 2018, coming in second, under Facebook, and beating Twitter by over 664 million users!


Almost every person, business, and product has an Instagram page, and even government institutions are picking up the trend with accounts for cities, counties, movements, and politicians. Instagram is place where people can go to for a moment of entertainment, to connect with friends and family, learn something new, promote themselves, their businesses or products, as well as express themselves and their creativity. The endless amount of users, accounts, and hashtags allow us to provide a curated experience and give us the ability to focus-target any audience, generating conversions and a higher than average return on your investment.

Why Instagram?
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