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Selling Points

  • We are an actual Instagram Marketing Agency.

  • We DO NOT do anything with fake accounts or inactive accounts or fake likes.

  • Everything we do is ORGANIC and catered to their unique account and needs and targeting criteria.

  • We cannot guarantee any specific number of followers, likes, purchases, etc. 

  • Once we work on the account for a while, we will learn alot more about their account and how its responding to our marketing, and well be able to change and tweak things to make it even better. Once were familiar with their account, we can forecast an expected amount of followers, but never exact.

  • THIS IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT PROCESS. Just like any marketing campaign, it will take time and effort to get to a very large amount of followers or sales. Be realistic.

  • Our main focus/goal is to help drive as much organic and targeted traffic as we can with the hopes of those users converting into new followers, fans, likes, engagement, customers, purchases, etc.

  • If they have a website in their Instagram bio, and have google analytics linked to their website, they will be able to see and track website visits that are coming in through Instagram under the "referral section" in Google Analytics.

  • Before we get started working on the account, we need to do research based on all the criteria obtained, their goal, and their targeted audience to see how we will be able to get the best results possible before we begin marketing.

  • We guarantee they will see an increase in interaction and engagement within the first 24-48 hours depending on the complexity of their account criteria.

  • We DO NOT post content. Customers can continue to post content on a regular basis as they normally do/would.

  • Our clients' success is our success. If we hold up our end of the deal by marketing their account to the best of our ability, and they see great results, they will become a loyal and long term customer, and that is how we're able to keep this business alive.

  • Most businesses are able to get a return on their investment with us with just one customer gained as a result of our marketing service. (depending on the industry)

  • We do all the leg work of making sure our clients account is being seen by people who are most interested in they're industry, product, or business. It is the clients responsibility to convert those people into sales, make sure they're responding to messages from potential customers, etc.

  • Our service pricing is very reasonable, considering what we are providing our clients. Most businesses should have no issue being able to afford our service. There is always a price to pay when trying something new, and the reality is that our service may not benefit some businesses as much as others. Because of our easy cancelation, if a client ever feels like this may not be a good fit for they're business, they can simply cancel they're campaign, and from a business standpoint, it cost them close to nothing to try something that can potentially be one of their top performing marketing strategies.

  • Always suggest to clients: Post at least once per day, make sure your content is high quality, and relevant to your page or niche, post pictures/videos of your products, store, etc.

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