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Who can benefit from our service?  

Everyone.  Literally.


If you're looking to get more exposure, gain more followers, make more sales, generate more leads, earn more clients and customers, build your brand, book jobs, or even create a buzz, our service is for you, and we would love to show you how powerful our marketing platform really is.

Quick Tips

Implement these few pointers to take full advantage of your new marketing campaign. These tips have been vetted and curated by our marketing team and are sure to bring tremendous success to your account when paired with our service.


Make sure your profile bio and contact information is completely and accurately filled out.


Check to make sure you've added all the ways a customer can contact you. With an Instagram business profile, you can include your website, address, phone number, and email. These are four of the most common ways customers or clients will try to reach you or your business, and can also be used as call-to-actions to promote and encourage an immediate action from potential customers.


Keep your bio straight to the point.


You might think your doing yourself and your profile visitors a favor by adding a ton of information to your bio. The truth is, most people wont be interested in reading your bio if its a long read or has too much information.. Make sure to highlight the most important points of your business, without it looking too cluttered. We also urge our clients to add important information such as a special, sale, coupon code, promotion, etc.


Make sure to turn on the "business profile" in settings for a full suite of business features and analytics.


We cannot stress this enough. Instagram's analytics & insights platform (available only to business profiles) is a great tool that will help you determine how your account is progressing in relation to the activity we're generating on your account. It will also give you insights about your followers and users who engage with you, such as their age, gender, location, etc. One of the most important features it will show you is when your followers are most active, so you'll know the best time to post to get in front of as many eyes as possible (we'll go into more detail on this in the next tip).


Post content. Every. Single. Day.


You should be posting content at least once per day and at most three times per day. Giving the impression of a "sleeping" account is a big turn off to people who would be interested in following if you were providing them with content on a regular basis. This will also help with branding, keeping your profile in front of followers, keeping your business on their mind, and creating a presence that will attract and retain loyal customers.


Post high quality content only.


Posting every day is one thing, making sure your content is high quality and relevant is a whole 'nother story. You'll want to make sure your profile look as professional as possible by posting photos and videos that are high in resolution quality, and relevant to the message you're trying to get across. Never post low quality or blurry pictures or videos, or irrelevant content such as memes or images you've gotten from other accounts. Remember, this is the face of your business on Instagram, and first impression is everything.


Create a promotion for people who find you on Instagram


Creating promotions can be very rewarding to you, and to us. Offering your Instagram followers or potential customers a discount simply for finding you on Instagram will help you not only engage with users in a special way, but also allow you to get feedback on our service. If your account is for an e-commerce business, advertise a promo code or discount code they can use when checking out on your site, for example, "use code 'instagrampromo' for 10% off your order". If your account is for a store or retail location (brick-and-mortar), you can create a simple call to action in your bio, or even create a post, for example, asking customers to mention they found you on Instagram for an extra 10% off their purchase. This will not only give your followers urgency to turn into a customer, but will also allow you to measure the performance and effectiveness of our service.


Pay attention to your Direct Messages (DM's).


One of the areas most account managers fall short on is checking and responding to DM's. We like to think of Direct Messages as leads. This can be any number of inquiries about your business or product. If your not there to respond, those leads are being wasted when they can be sold. Make sure you or whoever is managing the account, is constantly checking and replying to DM's and carrying them into sales.

If you need any clarification on any of our tips, please Contact us. We'll be happy to help clear up any questions you may have.

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